We believe that the role of a dietitian does not end at just sharing the diet plan on a piece of paper !

Daily motivation, correct guidance, quick problem solving and mental support are extremely important for its compliance. We like to give personal attention to each and every client.That you can say is the USP of enrolling with us.  Because of this, we never overbook our self. As a result the waiting time for your program to start may range anywhere from 7 to 15 days.

How we work:

(Select desired program > Make Payment > Share Payment Screenshot on Instagram DM > We assign you your Whatsapp group start date)

We create a separate WhatsApp group with each Client (i.e. The Client  chief dietitian + Kajal + Bushra)

A list of details required from the client is shared on the Whatsapp group (eg: Daily Schedule, Diet recall, Measurements, Medical history, etc)

A Consultation Audio Phone call is fixed (whenever convenient for both the parties) after receiving all the necessary details.

  • A detailed phone call consultation (about 45min-1hr long) with our chief dietitian
  • Detailed discussion of your goals/ medical problems/ eating habits/ likes and dislikes 
  • Accordingly a rough and flexible plan is jotted down keeping in mind your ease to follow.

(100% customized plans only)

 A typed Diet (in PDF format) is shared on Whatsapp and on mail within a day.


Fat Loss Program

Diet would be a low calorie, high protein balanced diet. 100% customized for each Client (be it Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian, Vegan or Jain) No Fad/Crash diets. All food groups will be included for optimum health.

Weight/Muscle Gain Program

Weight gain is a slower process as opposed to weight loss (as the focus will be on muscle gain without gaining any fat) Practically expected results will be anywhere between 0.5-3kg gain in a month. Results will mostly depend upon how well your body is reacting.

Optimum Health Diet Program (Immunity Boost)

Ideal body weight does not mean Optimum Health. Main focus will be to boost immunity. In this program we focus on your body composition of fats and muscles. Make you look leaner and toned.

Woman using app for tracking her periods

Hormonal Imbalance Program (PCOS or Hypothyroidism)

We understand that hormonal imbalances comes with a lot of extra baggage. Your BMR slows down leading to difficulty in losing weight. This program will take care of your weight concerns as well as help you to balance your hormones.

gut health program

We help you solve Chronic acidity, bloating, constipation, recurrent diarrhoea, IBS, GERD and many more. Focus will be on improving Gut health to a point after which you shall not require any medications to help you. We will teach you how strong a medicine- good eating practices and a healthy Lifestyle can be.


metabolic disorders

Diet for Diabetes Mellitus, Blood Pressure, Hyperlipidemia, Liver and Kidney problems. Focus will be on improving symptoms and working on the root cause of the problem.