Optimum Health Diet Program (Immunity Boost)


Living in India

  • 4000 - 1 Month
  • 11,000 - 3 Months

Living out of India

  • 5000 - 1 month
  • 14,000 - 3 months
  • Diet would be a moderate calorie, high protein balanced diet. 
  • 100% customized for each Client (be it Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian, Vegan or Jain)
  • No Fad/Crash diets.
  • All food groups will be included for optimum health.

Program is inclusive of:

  • Body Toning:

Ideal body weight does not mean Optimum Health. 

In this program we focus on your body composition of fats and muscles. Make you look leaner and toned.

  • Monthly 2 diet plans:

1 diet plan is meant to be followed for 15days 

Diet will be planned only after a phone call consultation with you which may last for about 45-60 mins.

(Do not worry, you will have a lot of options to choose from)

  • Daily Whatsapp Assistance:

Daily Diet diary checks (You can either share photos of all your meals or a typed recall of your entire day) &

Instant Problem solving- Feel free to type away all your queries, we are there to help and guide you.

  • Workout Guidance:

Can’t join a gym ? Need not worry. You can very well do it at home.

We provide Workout and exercise tips/ Video Links that you can follow easily (complimentary)

  • Complimentary Recipes:

Easy and quick healthy recipes to follow. 

We love food too. So be rest assured, you won’t be asked to just live on salads and soups. 

(All your other family members can have them too)

  • Supplement guidance:

Supplements only if required, will be suggested to you, as focus will be on obtaining optimal Health through lifestyle changes.

(However, nothing will be forced on you. You can choose not to take them. And no, you will not be forced to drink whey/protein powders either)


Focus will be on building Immunity and changing lifestyle. 

We will teach you how strong a medicine, good eating practices and a healthy Lifestyle can be.

Appointment Status:

Appointments are scheduled on first come first serve basis. i.e. You make your payment, enroll will us and get the next available slot booked for yourself.

Charges – 

Currently living in India:

Monthly Program- ₹ 4,000/-  

3 months Discount- ₹ 11,500/- 


Currently living out of India:

Monthly Program- ₹ 5,000/-  

3 months Discount- ₹ 14,500/-  

*No Refund Policy


  • If it is later found out that you live out of India and opted for a plan with Indian charges- your program will be null and void. No refund will be initiated and no diet Consultation will be provided to you.
  • Please send us a direct message on Instagram to make the payment.
  • Program start date will be the day we send you your Typed Diet plan. It will end exactly after 30days or 90days from that day. Maximum extension of 1 week on monthly program and 2 weeks on 3 months program will be given on medical grounds only.