Probiotics and Fermented Food

Ever wondered what exactly is the hype around Probiotics and Fermented foods?Why are Probiotics being widely recommended for good health and immunity?The term “Probiotics” literally means “for life” !These are live microbial cultures consumed for health benefits beyond providing basicnutritional value. They maintain a delicate balance between the gut and body’s immunesystem.The most commonly used […]

PCOS and Gut Health?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or commonly known as PCOS affects about 6% to 20% of women of reproductive age. Other than period dates being jinxed up, or excessive weight gain, have you ever wondered what could be the underlying reason for you to develop this? We all are aware that PCOS is a hormonal disorder characterized […]

Can a bad Gut Health prevent you from loosing WEIGHT?

Do you frequently suffer from acidity, indigestion, constipation or gastric problems?  Are you trying to shed those extra pouches of fat, but after trying everything also your weighing scale is stuck on the same number? You need to read this, if so– Our body contains trillions of bacteria majorly located in the intestines. These Gut […]

Does your Body really needs a Detox?

“Detox” has become a buzzword in the dieting world.  A common belief among the dieters is that you need to periodically follow a detox diet in order to clear the toxic waste to stay healthy (silently laughing inside :P). In particular, we might be tempted to detox after over-indulging, for example after Diwali or after […]